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New Modem Provider: As of October 30th, all of MCN's dialup modems have been moved to our new managed modem provider, O1 Communications. We've had good reports from our customers on these new modems. At this time, we will also begin phasing out the 961-2999 dialup number which is scheduled to be taken out of service on February 28th, 2008. Customers using the 961-2999 number need to transition to the 969-0531 number by noon on February 28th, 2008. We will be contacting customers using the 961-2999 number with details on how to change the number in their dialup software.

Help Plan the Future of Broadband in Mendocino County: MCN is encouraging everyone to participate in Redwood Coast Connect. Humboldt State and Redwood Coast Rural Action have received a $500,000 grant to study the state of broadband access across the four county area including Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties. You can participate by completing a survey about your broadband needs. You can sign up to get a survey at
Community meetings to discuss broadband access will be held in:
--Fort Bragg at Town Hall on Thursday, November 29th at 5:30 P.M.
--MCOE River Room in Ukiah on Wednesday, November 28th at 5:30 P.M.

More information on Redwood Coast Connect at

New e-mail storage limits: Currently, MCN allows our customers to use 25 megabytes of e-mail storage per e-mail box. In today's world of large files and web based e-mails, that's not nearly enough. So we're increasing the limit ten times to 250 megabytes as of November 1st. Additional 250 megabyte allotments of e-mail storage are available for just $1 per month. Also, please note that beginning today we will be deleting any mail left in webmail or IMAP trash folders on the server after two weeks.

New Web Hosting Platform: We're in the planning stages now for our new web hosting platform. Look for announcements in the new year about MCN's web hosting platform. Details for customer currently hosting on MCN web servers will be forthcoming and there will be abundant time for everyone to transition to the new environment.

Outage Notice: We'll be having a scheduled outage on Monday, November 26th from 10 PM to midnight. Please see the notice on the MCN home page at

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs: Web logs or Blogs are all the rage and MCN has great blogging software. Blogs are great for sharing up to date information about your business, spreading family news, or just putting your point of view out there. MCN currently offers a one month free trial of our blogging software. More information at

MCN Accelerator: MCN has a new Windows version of our MCN Accelerator software. The new version has enhanced features including dynamic imaging and improved compression for even better performance.
More information at

YouSendIt: Receiving and sending a big attachment can be a real headache for our dialup customers. We encourage anyone sending large files to use YouSendIt which lets you upload file through your web browser and sends an e-mail notification to the recipient. If you have someone sending you large files all the time, have them do it through YouSendIt. More information at If you use it extensively, you can purchase a special account soon and some of the proceeds go to MCN.

DSL and Vonage: We have had several customers who have wanted to try Voice over IP (VOIP) service with their DSL service. There is no problem in doing so. However, we have had problems with customers who have asked the VOIP company, such as Vonage, to use their existing AT&T phone number for the Vonage or VOIP service. Unfortunately, AT&T requires a local phone number for MCN DSL Service and once Vonage or other VOIP service takes the number, everything breaks and the customer is left with no voice service, no DSL and no way to access the VOIP service. If you are considering using a VOIP provider like Vonage and are unsure about how to do this, please call MCN to get the correct information.

DSL and Moving: If you're moving your residence or business, please call MCN with as much advance notice as you can. With advance notice we can often have your DSL service working on the day of your move or shortly thereafter. If a phone line is moved and then we're notified after the move it can take upwards of two weeks to get your DSL service working at the new location.

MCN Financial Status: MCN finished our fiscal year on June 30th of 2007. In addition to returning $118,000 to the Mendocino Unified School District last year, we also made a significant increase in our fund balance. We'd like to be clear to all of our customers that the Mendocino Unified School District plans to maintain ownership of MCN into the foreseeable future.

Holiday Schedule: MCN's holiday schedule is as follows
CLOSED: November 22 (Thanksgiving), December 25th, January 1st
MINIMAL STAFFING DAYS: November 23, December 24th, December 31st
On minimal staffing days, some tech support calls may go to the voice mail but will be returned before the end of the day. Please note: MCN servers and systems are always monitored 24 X 7 X 365

Thanks to Our Customers: Finally, a big thank you to all of our customers for helping us make MCN so successful.

Sincerely, Mitch Sprague, MCN Business Manager

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