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MCN SimpleBlogs Are Here

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MCN SimpleBlogs--starting at just $4.95!
What are blogs? Blog is short for web logs. MCN SimpleBlogs are on-line publishing tools with graphic capabilities added. Blogs have addresses just like websites and can be viewed with regular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. They require no other special software.

Unlike a regular website, which might consist of dozens of individual pages, an MCN SimpleBlog is made up of smaller posts. These appear on a central page and then are also put into categories for later reference. MCN SimpleBlogs also have the ability to display pictures. And MCN SimpleBlogs are interactive. You can allow people to leave comments about your posts. See an MCN SimpleBlog in action.

MCN SimpleBlogs are ideal for business or personal use. On a personal level, MCN SimpleBlogs are great for keeping up with family news, spreading your ideas about a particular topic, or for displaying digital pictures.

Businesses will find that MCN SimpleBlogs have many purposes as well. MCN SimpleBlogs are a great addition to your regular website. You can use them to connect directly to your customers, announce new products, and get instant customer feedback. And you can point your domain or a subdomain at your MCN SimpleBlog.

MCN SimpleBlogs use a limited set of WordPress technology for your MCN SimpleBlog..

However, these include over 40 themes to choose from including a highly flexible theme, Atahualpa which provides a great deal of flexibility to those who wish to do customization to their theme.We also have around a dozen plugins to help with social networking integration, printing, and other features.  You can also point a subdomain of your MCN hosted or other domain at our SimpleBlogs environment.

Please keep in mind that MCN offers  MySQL database and web hosting services for those who wish to develop full fledged WordPress sites. We can also provide a list of local website designers who specialize in WordPress design.

MCN Blog pricing is determined by storage space and transfer rate and start at just $4.95 per month.  

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