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MCN Blog Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is an MCN SimpleBlog?

A weblog is a publicly accessible website/page for individuals or businesses. Typically, it is updated frequently with articles, pictures and links and reflect the personality of the author. Postings are arranged in reverse chronological order – meaning the most recently added article appears first, followed by the second most recently added article and so on.

Unlike traditional websites, weblogs give you the opportunity to connect. Weblogs are a conversation rather than a billboard. You post content and others can post their responses.

The possibilities for a weblog are endless! For personal use, consider creating a weblog about your vacations, family celebrations or other special events. Or perhaps a sports forum or a way to keep league teams connected. How about as a place to post and share all of your photos?

For businesses, weblogs have become ideal for communicating between departments and project teams as well as being a great way to build and maintain customer relationships.

What is an MCN SimpleBlog?

An MCN SimpleBlog is an exciting tool for creating weblogs. It is your key to publishing on the World Wide Web –allowing you to easily share pictures, video, links, documents, newsletters, opinions and more with family, friends and colleagues.

Consider thinking of an MCN Blog as:

  • A website management tool

  • A new way to collaborate with your co-workers

  • The scratchpad for your ideas and projects

  • A photo album that is accessible anytime, anywhere

  • The easy way to keep in touch with family and friends

  • Your personal soapbox

  • A journal

Do I have to install anything to use MCN SimpleBlogs?

Not at all! An MCN SimpleBlog doesn’t require any new software to download or install. There is no HTML to learn either. Plus you can publish online through the web, email or even your cell phone! All you need is a web browser.

How do I tell people where to find my weblog?

The easiest way to tell people how to find your weblog is to give them your URL. 

How do I get started?

Call us at 937-1444 or 800 796-3896

9am - 6pm, Monday thru Friday


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