MCN Newsletter 8-2010

Welcome to the 2010 August MCN Newsletter

  1. Domain Names: We have updated our domain name information page at with several new items that may be of interest to you. First, we have some specials. New (not renewals) .us and .tv registrations are currently on sale. A .us domain name costs $10 through 9/30/10 (down from $17) .tv is great for video and multi-media domains on sale for $19 (down from $42). You can register multiple years of these at the sale price as long as it is a new registration. MCN is offering a new .co domain name for $35 which is intended to announce "company" domain names. And remember that MCN offers a full slate of special and international domain names. See everything we offer at

  2. T-1 Service: Cable internet out of reach? DSL not available? Satellite doesn’t cut it? Is your business suffering without broadband with no hope in site? MCN's T-1 service may be the answer for you. Our T-1 service reaches beyond the other broadband services and can give you a solid 1.5 megabit connection starting at $375 per month. MCN will also help you get the necessary equipment and wiring to your building and guide you through the whole process. Yes, it’s expensive; yes it takes some doing, but we may be able to help if your physical location is holding you back from the bandwidth you need.

  3. SecureLink: MCN has completed our trial period for our SecureLink product and we're ready to offer it to any customer who has a need for it. . SecureLink is intended for use by customers at wi-fi hotspots and hotel networks and provides an added layer of security for travelers. MCN already offers secure e-mail and FTP connections, and some websites, such as most financial institution websites, provide encryption for your transactions. But SecureLink encrypts ALL of your traffic and sends it to our data center in Santa Rosa, unencrypts it, and sends out to the Internet. It reverses the process when the data comes back to you from the Internet. SecureLink access costs $5.99 per month or $60 for a full year. You can learn more about SecureLink at our new MCN Security webpage at

  4. Domain Based E-Mail Addresses: As many of you know, for years when you have set up a domain address at MCN you had to forward that domain email address to either an mailbox or somewhere else. We're pleased to announce that we no longer have to do that. Going forward domain based addresses such as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it will be self contained. Your username will be your e-mail address. The old method and the new method for domain based e-mails work side by side so no one has to make any changes to their e-mail programs at this time. The process of unwinding the old system will take quite some time. We'll be individually in touch with customers who were set up with the old system to "unwind" those aliases in the coming months. Again, no one has to make any changes at this time until you hear from us.

  5. Dialup Accelerator Users: We have posted an updated version of the MCN Accelerator for both Windows and Apple computer users. Please feel free to download it. And all dialup users--stay tuned, we're hearing that we may some exciting news on the dialup accelerator front in the coming months.

  6. DSL Customers: Moving? Changing the name on your phone bill? Please, please, please contact MCN before making any changes to your AT&T phone service if you have MCN DSL service. We know the procedures and protocols and can often help you avoid inconvenient and costly down time with your DSL service when you make changes to your voice service.

  7. Security Tips: We've seen some positive reviews of a new Firefox and IE privacy plugin called Abine. You can check it out at Microsoft recently released several updates to the Windows operating system. Adobe also released patches for the Acrobat Reader and Flash plugin for web browsers.

  8. Facebook and Twitter: Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

Thanks as always for your business and your support of MCN. We truly appreciate it. 

Mitch Sprague Business Manager Mendocino Community Network This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | 937-1444 or (800)796-3896 x126
MCN offered DSL, Domain, Webhosting, and T-1 Services
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