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MCN Newsletter 3-2010

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MCN March 2010 Newsletter

1. Important Time Sensitive Announcements:
  • Proofpoint: We were informed by Proofpoint last night that they will doing emergency maintenance on the quarantined messages part of the Proofpoint system. Therefore access to the quarantine will not be available on March 24th and March 25th between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This will not affect the normal e-mail delivery.
  • Delayed E-Mail Problem Solved: We have been working on a small number of intermittent delays in e-mail over the past week to 10 days. This problem is now resolved.
  • MCN Going to Minimal Staffing at 3 PM on Friday, March 26th:
    We're doing a deep clean of our offices here on Friday afternoon and Saturday. This means we have to move entirely out of our offices on Friday afternoon and move back in Monday morning. We'll have only a minimal staff after 3 PM but will return calls on messages that are left on the answering machine and do our best to help you. It will also take us a little time to get up to speed on Monday morning. Central Valley Cable customers please note that CVC is moving their office to a new location as well on Friday. They will now be located at 38958 Cypress Way, Suite B in Gualala.
2. MCN Survey: We'd like to thank the over 1,300 customers who took the time to complete the MCN Survey. You have provided us with valuable input and constructive criticism. We've taken a thorough look at your input and your comments in planning for MCN's future. I'll be sharing some of your input with the Mendocino Unified Board at an upcoming board meeting.

3: Survey Follow Up: On the survey we asked about interest in some specific services. Remember that the survey was anonymous so we don't know who showed interest in these topics. We'd like to hear from you about these topics if you are interested.
  • Monitoring of Outgoing E-Mail for Compliance/Legal Reasons: The Proofpoint system has the capability to do an outbound mail screening system for those entities interested in complying with compliance for such things as HIPPA, GLBA for financial institutions, and PCI compliance.
    Proofpoint provides these types of services for large institutions such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Raymond James, and Mastercard. What we need is to get a critical mass of customers together who use MCN for e-mail and need this service and we can make this available to them.
  • CPanel Access: We are exploring the idea of having a CPanel web server. Please let us know if you are interested.
  • Secure On Line Storage: We're looking at two paths for providing this solution. One would be to partner with a third party company like Carbonite, SOS, or Mozy. The other would be to provide it through our servers. We're interested in hearing feedback on these two options.
  • Virtual Fax: This is an area where we would probably partner with a third party company. We're interested in any specific features you would like to see in an virtual fax solution.
  • Blogs: MCN now offers a simpleblog product for $4.95 per month. We have more information at
4. MCN 5 for '10: We've rolled out three (html invoice, simple blogs, encrypted e-mail) of the five new products. Look for product number 4 to come in early April and number five to roll out later in April.

5. T-1 Service: Just a reminder that for customers outside of the reach of cable and DSL service, MCN does offer T-1 service starting at $388 per month for a 1.5 T-1 megabit connection. If bandwidth is a necessity for you but your location isn't up to it, we can help. We have 19 T-1 customers from Anderson Valley to Fort Bragg and understand how T-1 service works.

6. Broadband Advocacy/National Broadband Plan: The FCC National Broadband Plan ( was released this week. It's over 350 pages. I'm still pouring through it. I'll be on a Point and Click show on KZYX in April to discuss the plan on the air. On the MCN Survey one of things you told us you want us to do is to continue to advocate for continued of expansion of broadband, and we'll be doing that in any way that we can.

7. Thanks to Catherine Stone: MUSD Superintendent Catherine Stone announced that she will be leaving the district to take the Superintendent position at Jacoby Creek Charter School District. We would like to thank Catherine for her tremendous support of MCN during her tenure in the district and wish her well in her new endeavor.

As always, we thank our customers for choosing MCN to provide your ISP services. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions regarding anything at MCN.


Mitchell Sprague
Business Manager
Mendocino Community Network
937-1444 (800) 796-3896 x126 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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