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MCN Photo Gallery Submission Instructions

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MCN Home Page Image Gallery Policy


1.  MCN sees the home page gallery as venue for those with appropriate images to share with our customers and our community. As a community that appreciates and supports art and artists, we acknowledge that this space can be used by artists who wish to promote their own art as long as it meets the criteria set in #2 below. To date, this system has been administered on a casual basis with few set rules, but as more people are expressing interest in showing images on our home page, we have decided to institute the following policies:

                  MCN access or website/domain customers and/or;

      Photographers, Painters, and Artists based in Mendocino County and the Northern Sonoma County coast from Jenner north to the Mendocino County line.


2. Picture Criteria: As MCN is wholly owned by the Mendocino Unified School District, we ask for pictures with the following criteria:

  • Our first preference is for landscape or scenic images of our local area.
  • We are open to photographs of other locations and places of interest on a limited basis.
  • We ask that pictures showing people be limited to crowd or distant shots where people are not identifiable.  To avoid concerns regarding privacy and personal or commercial promotion we do not accept portraits or images focused on individual people.
  • Images should contain no blatant commercial advertising.
  • We ask that you recognize that we are owned and operated by a school district and therefore tend to lean to the conservative side when making judgments regarding our pictures.
  • All pictures shall be in jpeg format and be 320 pixels wide and no taller than 600 pixels. Pictures not meeting this criteria will be rejected.

The MCN Business Manager shall have the final say in which pictures may or may not appear.


3. Submission Process to the MCN Home Page Gallery:

 a. All artists should first submit a brief e-mail explaining how they meet the criteria outlined in item #1 and submit one sample picture which meets the criteria outlined in #2 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The e-mail should also indicate the artists willingness to stay within the guidelines in #2.

 b. Once approved, artists will receive a confirmation that they are accepted into the gallery and will be given further instructions on how to submit pictures.

 c. Artists can then submit a maximum of five images each month for submission into the gallery. We ask that if at all possible four of the five images focus on local themes. The pictures will be placed in a random rotation, and will appear randomly on the home page for a period of one month.  Our program will automatically make photos inactive after one month to keep new material before our subscribers. If the total of new submissions is less than 100 pictures then the Gallery Administrator will recycle older pictures or use more pictures from those willing to contribute.



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