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MCN Listservs

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Listservs: The Effective Way to Communicate via eMail!

MCN "Announce" Listserv Subscriber Agreement/Terms of Service

MCN "Discussion" Listserv Subscriber Agreement/Terms of Service

MCN Listserv Subscription, Un-subscription, Digest, Guidelines and Information page

What is a 'Listserv'?

It is similar to:

  • A paper-based bulletin board

  • A magazine subscription

  • A daily newspaper

A Listserv has these features:

  • It is delivered electronically via email instead of on paper

  • It is an 'opt-in' subscription, meaning (generally) you need to sign up in order to receive the email 'posts'

  • It is 'immediate' - meaning the messages are delivered as they are sent instead of waiting to be printed and sent via postal mail

  • A list server enables you to send email to one email address and have it distributed to ALL of the subscribers of the list simultaneously.

MCN Free Public Lists: Mendocino Community Network maintains several free listservs for its customers use. 

Take a moment and explore the Public Listservs offered for free by MCN.

if you have questions about listserv service from MCN, please contact the MCN List Manager at 707-937-1444 or send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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