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Questions about Webmail or Spam Filter? Please read the FAQ here

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MCN Email Services, Including Listservs

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MCN e-mail addresses available for $2.50/month.
MCN offers e-mail services to fit every need. Whether you need a single e-mail box for personal use or a large number of boxes for your business or organization, MCN can take care of your e-mail needs. Extra e-mail boxes are bundled with many MCN services including high use dialup, DSL, ISDN, and cable Internet service. Customers without those rates can purchase an e-mail box for $2.50 per month. Bulk e-mail pricing is available by calling the MCN office at 937-1444 or (800)796-3896

If interested please call 707-937-1444 or 800-796-3896.

MCN E-Mail Storage Rates (effectiveJune 1st, 2013)
We will be changing our extra storage rates from 250 MB free and then $1 for each 250 MB afterwards to a simpler system that gives everyone more storage and keeps our pricing in line with other ad free email services.

Paid Accounts
First 1 GB (gigabyte) free
1 GB to 2 GB: $1.00 surcharge ($3.50 total)
2 GB to 5 GB: $2.50 surcharge ($5.00 total)
5 GB to 20 GB: $6.45 surcharge ($8.95 total)
20GB to 50GB: $8.45 surcharge ($10.95 total)
50GB to 80GB: $10.45 surcharge ($12.95 total)
80GB to 125GB: $12.45 surcharge ($14.95 total)
Accounts Included with Services (domains, Fusion, DSL, dialup, etc.)
First 250 MB (megabytes) free
250 MB to  500 MB: $1.00
500 MB to 1 GB (gigabyte): $2.00
1 GB to 2 GB: $3.50
2 GB to 5 GB: $5.00
5 GB to 20 GB: $8.95
20GB to 50GB: $10.95
50GB to 80GB: $12.95
80GB to 125GB: $14.95

MCN Webmail System:We have changed the page at to a new page which will allow you to go to both of our webmail systems. Both systems will continue to be active.

Moving Between the Two Systems--Folders and Messages: If you make a folder in the old webmail system, the new system will pick it up automatically. However, if you make a folder in the new system, you will need to go to the Folders area in the old system and subscribe to it. If you delete a message in either system it will be gone from both systems.


SSL and TLS Encrypted E-Mail Transmission
Now Available on MCN Mail Servers:

Overview: MCN has implemented secure TLS and SSL e-mail transmission for both our incoming and outgoing servers. These secure transmission protocols allow for encryption of your password and your e-mail messages to and from the MCN mail servers and are widely used in the ISP industry. These secure transmission protocols can be used from any Internet connection. These are good to use if you are away from home, using a wi-fi hotspot, or just want some additional security during transmission of your e-mail messages. We encourage .everyone to take advantage of this.

Using SSL/TLS Encryption: We have added instructions for turning on SSL e-mail for all of the major e-mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage and OS X Mail to our Special E-mail Features Instructions

Spam Control, Powered by Magic Mail: MCN has partnered with Magic Mail to provide spam and virus control services for our customers. We have a Magic Mail info page with product information, and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

 MCN has now increased our standard mailbox size from 25 megabytes to 250 megabytes. Additional e-mail storage can be purchased for e-mail storage.

IMAP: MCN Does support IMAP. IMAP and webmail users should note that any files left in the trash folder more than two weeks will be deleted.

Autoresponders/Vacation Away Messages can be set up on your own, free of charge. Go to our Autoresponder Set-Up Instructions page to learn how to do this.

Sending E-mail When Outside of the United States: In order to cut down on spam attacks from overseas addresses, we're are now imposing a limit on the number of e-mail messages that can be sent from networks outside of the U.S.. If you are traveling outside the U.S., please limit your e-mail messages to a total of 100 recipients within a one hour period. This would be one message to 100 people or 10 messages to 10 people or 100 messages to 100 different addresses. If you exceed this limit, you will be "blacklisted" and unable to send mail or reach any MCN services until we clear your IP address. If you have questions or issues with the new policy, please call us or e-mail us. Again, this ONLY applies to MCN customers using the MCN outgoing mail servers to send e-mail on networks OUTSIDE of the United States.

MCN offers Private and Public Listservs. To find out more please click link:
MCN Private and Public Listservs

MCN E-mail Settings including Password Authentication and Secure E-mail in your E-mail Program :
For added security we need all our customers to turn on outgoing authentication in their e-mail programs and use port 587 for outgoing mail..
For instructions on how to set all your MCN e-mail settings including Password Authentication and Secure E-mail:
MCN E-mail Settings



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