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MCN Digital Voice

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What is MCN Digital Voice Service?
MCN Digital Voice service is internet based phone service. It functions very much like regular phone service and includes all the features of a regular land line based phone line. As land line phone prices increase, especially for businesses, MCN Digital Voice offers an economical, feature rich alternative. It works with many Internet service providers including MCN Fusion, Comcast, Further Reach, and others.

Getting Started with MCN Digital Voice:
The MCN Digital Voice order process starts with you providing MCN some information about your current phone setup and some contact information. This is done at our secure on-line signup page. For simple one or two line setups, the MCN staff can quickly provision equipment and get you started. MCN can also come to your business and do an on-site analysis to make sure your digital voice solution matches your needs and integrates into your current internet and phone setup. You can also call the MCN office at 937-1444 or (800)-796-3896 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can walk you through the digital voice ordering process.

Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers:
You can keep any existing phone numbers for digital voice service. MCN will help port (move) your number from any carrier.

A Rich Feature Set for Homes and Offices:
Digital Voice comes with many of the features you would expect such as voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding and three way calling. It also has advanced features like auto attendants, hunt groups, fax to email and more! It’s also great for inter-office connections. On top of that, MCN Digital Voice service is portable—it works on most high speed internet connections anywhere.

MCN Digital voice is an all-inclusive product. Residential pricing is $20 per extension per month while business extensions are $30 per extension per month. All digital voice lines have a $1 per month taxes and fee surcharge. That includes all local and long distance calling and all the phone features. There are no setup fees or charges for this service. MCN’s careful customer support and attention are included at no charge!

Digital Voice Equipment:
There are several options for using MCN Digital Voice service. One of the easiest is to use a pre-programmed telephone adapter or “TA” that connects your existing phone to your internet connection. Telephone adaptors start at $49.95. We also offer multiple line, multi-function phones that start at $99.95. Here are some examples of Digital Voice equipment and set up options.

A Note About Digital Voice and Power—Pair Your Digital Voice Service with MCN Fusion Service:
Everyone is conscious of the need to have phone service during emergencies. MCN Digital Voice service does require electrical power and a working internet connection to function. We can advise you on backup power solutions and can also set your digital phones to forward to land lines when the power goes out. The combination of MCN’s landline Fusion/DSL service and digital voice makes an ideal pairing providing solid high speed internet, reliable land line capability, while allowing you to expand your phone service in a cost effective manner. And as we mentioned above, MCN’s Digital Voice service is portable so you can take your phone or telephone adaptor to any high speed internet connection and it will work there, keeping in mind that 911 calls will not have an accurate address.

Digital Voice Forms:
Letter of Authorization for Number Ports
Digital Voice Voice Mail Features

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