MCN Newsletter 3-2010

MCN March 2010 Newsletter

1. Important Time Sensitive Announcements:
2. MCN Survey: We'd like to thank the over 1,300 customers who took the time to complete the MCN Survey. You have provided us with valuable input and constructive criticism. We've taken a thorough look at your input and your comments in planning for MCN's future. I'll be sharing some of your input with the Mendocino Unified Board at an upcoming board meeting.

3: Survey Follow Up: On the survey we asked about interest in some specific services. Remember that the survey was anonymous so we don't know who showed interest in these topics. We'd like to hear from you about these topics if you are interested.
4. MCN 5 for '10: We've rolled out three (html invoice, simple blogs, encrypted e-mail) of the five new products. Look for product number 4 to come in early April and number five to roll out later in April.

5. T-1 Service: Just a reminder that for customers outside of the reach of cable and DSL service, MCN does offer T-1 service starting at $388 per month for a 1.5 T-1 megabit connection. If bandwidth is a necessity for you but your location isn't up to it, we can help. We have 19 T-1 customers from Anderson Valley to Fort Bragg and understand how T-1 service works.

6. Broadband Advocacy/National Broadband Plan: The FCC National Broadband Plan ( was released this week. It's over 350 pages. I'm still pouring through it. I'll be on a Point and Click show on KZYX in April to discuss the plan on the air. On the MCN Survey one of things you told us you want us to do is to continue to advocate for continued of expansion of broadband, and we'll be doing that in any way that we can.

7. Thanks to Catherine Stone: MUSD Superintendent Catherine Stone announced that she will be leaving the district to take the Superintendent position at Jacoby Creek Charter School District. We would like to thank Catherine for her tremendous support of MCN during her tenure in the district and wish her well in her new endeavor.

As always, we thank our customers for choosing MCN to provide your ISP services. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have questions regarding anything at MCN.


Mitchell Sprague
Business Manager
Mendocino Community Network
937-1444 (800) 796-3896 x126 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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